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2.73 degree circumsolar shell, non-cosmological redshift, astrophysics, thermodynamic redshift, graviton, photon decay,

astrobiology, unification of forces, contracting steady state universe, cosmographer Don. C. Wilson.

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 ( 40 yrs. experience )


E2 = m2c4     D S > 0                              V                                Occum’s    Razor

( Thermodynamic  Laws )   >  >  >  >    V     <  <  <  <        (   falsifiability   tests  )







investigations  of  scientific  hoaxes



Process Technology and Development,  (Pt Pd)

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investigation of technical fraud, expert witness, data analysis, invention, design



h o a x s l a y e r    f i l e s

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exposing myths near ( Earth’s surface ) and far ( the Cosmos )




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factual ( politically incorrect ), stimulating ( controversial ), entertaining  lectures

from  the  “Hoaxslayer Files”,  “Travel List”,  or informational lectures of the  JPL / NASA  space missions







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